The Story

Born, raised and educated in the city of Durban, Province of Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa, Priyanka did not know, she was to become a prolific Author and Circuit Speaker.


Raised by my mother, a single parent, and growing up within a family dynamic which was mostly about survival, I not only persevered through the adversities of daily life, but also had to contend with the colossal challenges of gender dysphoria. I was assigned physically male at birth, but knew since early childhood, that I was a woman.
After a troubled youth, including two suicide attempts, I entered my adult life with a move to Johannesburg where I chose to develop and master the skills of hairdressing, a profession which has served me well for three decades, allowing me to meet a diversity of people and to finally embrace living life as a woman.
The encouragement and the feedback I got from friends, listeners and clients left me with several thoughts, good and bad, concerning life as a transwoman. This has now encouraged me and enhanced my self-esteem towards being able to tell my story in public and allowing me to use this as a platform, helping not only other transwomen, but anyone who have faced great challenges in their lives needing to be who they are.

Telling the Story


Having arrived in myself as a complete woman gave me the fulfilment to be able to share my story with the World! I chose writing a book about my journey, with the intention to assist anyone facing challenges in their lives. My choice of narrative is bold, honest, sincere, heart-warming and sometimes sad. Yet, it gives the reader a chance to take a step forward and resonate with the fact that happiness can be derived from adversities.
The inspiring Book ”Angekommen” (with the English version “Facing the reflexxion” to follow) takes you on an in-depth journey into my life from infancy to the mature and self-assured transwoman I am today. Living my dream life today has become paramount with the fact that I now can help others by sharing.

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