The Talks

A talk or a coaching session with Priyanka Ramdheen can be scheduled for organisations, companies, schools, parent organisations, groups of professionals, etc. You will be able to receive guidance, information and knowledge regarding gender identity collectively, as we navigate together through my life experience and your openly asked questions.


Companies and organisations should derive from these talks important aspects of understanding how to include people/colleagues with modern gender identities in the organisation.
The session can also focus on hierarchies, management and decision makers to navigate professionalism, peace, love, harmony and understanding the important needs of modern gender identities.
Transgender inequality does inadvertently affect profits. Hence inclusion in all corporate climates is imperative, especially concerning equity and growth. These are important factors to promote financial and business development overall.
A session would be relevant for everyone, who has an interest to improve their knowledge about how to respond, react and empathize with people of alternative gender identity choices. Thereby, leading to open discussions about other marginalized individuals or groups who experience daily exclusions, and submission of unwarranted acceptance.

It is possible to book Priyanka for a talk (approx. 45 min.)