The Core


As a Transwoman who fully embraces her identity, I have found the strength and purpose in sharing my story thereby empowering others to embrace their true potential in society. Public speaking has become an added passion of mine, allowing me to connect with diverse audiences and shed light on important LGBTQIA+ topics, of which some are discussed in my book. If your organization or company is interested in hearing my story or wish to impress on Trans related topics in the workplace and daily life, I welcome the opportunity to connect and collaborate.
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instructive and wonderful


With lively participation from the audience, an interesting discussion ensued that was not only thought-provoking, but Priyanka Ramdheen’s open and warm-hearted manner also opened the hearts of the visitors.
An impressive, instructive and wonderful evening unfortunately came to an end far too quickly. 


Henner Merle,
Owner/Curator, Gallery Nüüd, Berlin

is a born speaker


We invited Priyanka to speak at an event dedicated to the topic of Belonging, with a focus on amplifying LGBTQIA* voices. During the 1.5 hour session, Priyanka shared her personal story as a trans woman.
Her session was inspiring, and our colleagues both online and in the office loved her energy. Priyanka is a born speaker who truly inspired us with her story, resilience, and call to do better every day. Thank you, Priyanka!


 Johann Gleich,
Customer Success Manager and ERG Office Lead, LinkedIn

A truly enlightening


Priyanka has a unique ability to connect with her audience, creating a welcoming space for learning and dialogue. Her commitment to fostering understanding and acceptance of diverse identities is not only inspiring but also essential for creating inclusive environments in both social and professional spheres.
A truly enlightening experience that leaves audiences more informed and empathetic.


Stuart Bruce Cameron,
Founder and CEO, Uhlala Group

The talks


A talk with Priyanka Ramdheen about her life and transgendered people in society, is for everyone to engage in and become more informed. The talk can also focus on hierarchies, management and people in powerful stands to understand the important needs of modern gender identities hence, navigating professionalism, peace, love and harmony in the workplace or organisations.
  • A circuit talk for a group of parents.
  • A keynote speech at a company/organisation
  • A class of students in smaller or bigger groups….
People, companies and organisations can through Priyanka’s experiences and guidance, acquire important aspects of understanding modern gender identities with empathy.
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